My life next door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

“Life in Samantha Reed’s home is neat and clean and orderly- precisely planned by her local politician mother. Next door, at the Garretts’, things are loud, messy, and irresistible. And when gorgeous Jase Garrett climbs the trellis outside her bedroom and enters her life, she finds herself falling passionately in love with him. The only hitch is, she’s got to hide it from her mother. then something unthinkable happens, and Samantha is suddenly faced with an impossible decision. Which perfect family will save her? Or is it time she saved herself?”

my life next door

Rating: 4 stars

As the summary shows, the 2 characters are having 2 totally different lives. Samantha lives with her mother and sister in a house where everything has to be clean. However, Jase lives next door with his 8 siblings and his parents, well anyone can imagine how their lives are.

Samantha was always watching the Garrets since she was young and she felt like she knew them. And when Jase came to her window one night, they started to talk and eventually went to his place everyday and helped him with his younger siblings. They fall in love and couldn’t be happier. But everything that was happening was kept a secret from Samantha’s mother because she couldn’t stand the Garrets, their behavior, the number of kids they have … Sam even kept this relationship a secret from her own best friend Nan.

Because of the secrecy of the relationship, Jace always felt that he wasn’t good for Sam. Every one in his family knew about it and every single member of the family loved Sam. Maybe Sam didn’t want to risk the thing that made her happy after she was feeling miserable in her own home. She was always happy when she used to babysit Jace’s younger siblings or helping his parents. The character development in the story was unbelievable. Each character in this book grew from the first page till the last one, from Sam and her friends until her mother.

The thing that let me enjoy my reading as well is that the romance wasn’t that cliche and idealistic. The relationship of the 2 protagonists was, if i may say, a kind of typical relationship. The 2 f them grew together and learned about their differences.

This book highlighted some things i already know in life and made me realize how important they are:

  • Maybe 2 families can be different in appearance but that’s not what counts. The houses may differ but it’s what every person feels that counts. This can bring people together. We could see at the end how Samantha’s mother changed a LITTLE bit her attitude, it was better than nothing. Sam even sacrified her relationship with Jace at the time of the accident that happened, but saw later that she has to tell him the truth even if that means losing him forever.
  • Best friend … To call someone a best friend, it means that this person is definitely the one who was there with you during your ups and downs and is happy with everything you are doing. But in some cases, the number of years is not a criteria. A friend can appear in your life just like that and instantly make you feel important and be there for you.
    In this book, Nam was the friend who was “there” for Sam during all these years and same thing goes for Sam. Nam has been cheating in her essays and Sam discovered it so she confronted her. That’s what best friends do. But after the confrontation, we discover that Nam was always jealous of her friend and wanted always to be better than her. She never accepted every thing her friend did. A little challenge between friends is never wrong, but to be jealous of every step Sam was doing was wrong. (Maybe the author could have resolved the issue between them or at least make them talk and then end their friendship)
    On the other, Nam’s brother, Tim who we thought could never do something good with his life because of his drinking and stuff, turned out to be there for Sam from the middle of the book till the end.We really need to open our eyes and see the people around us. If they always try to bring us down or anything else, we don’t need them in our lives. We should always have people around us who can stay with us during our worst moments and lift us up …

Some parts were little slow in the book but the curiosity let to know what can happen in the end made me finish it.

“The right thing to do is so easy to see when you’re seventeen years old and don’t have to make any big decisions. When you know that no matter what you do, someone will take care of you and fix everything. But when you’re grown up, the world is not that black and white, and the right thing doesn’t a tidy little arrow pointing to it.”