March Wrap Up

This month was an awesome reading month … I read a total of 19 books (10 of which are novellas)!! I hope I can keep up like this every month or read at least 5 to 10 books!!

  1. Beautiful Bastard (Christina Lauren): 2 stars
  2. White Hot Kiss (Jennifer L. Armentrout): 5 stars
  3. The Shadowhunter’s Codex: 3 stars
  4. Stone Cold Touch (Jennifer L. Armentrout): 4 stars
  5. Every Last Breath (Jennifer L. Armentrout): 3 stars
  6. Stars Above (Marissa Meyer): 4 stars
  7. Obsession (Jennifer L. Armentrout): 4 stars
  8. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (Cassandra Clare): 4 stars
  9. The Lost Herondale (Cassandra Clare): 5 stars
  10. The Whitechapel Fiend (Cassandra Clare): 5 stars
  11. Nothing but Shadows (Cassandra Clare): 5 stars
  12. The evil we love (Cassandra Clare): 3 stars
  13. Pale kings and princes(Cassandra Clare): 4 stars
  14. Bitter of Tongue (Cassandra Clare): 4 stars
  15. The Fiery Trial (Cassandra Clare): 3 stars
  16. Born to endless night (Cassandra Clare): 5 stars
  17. Angels Descending Twice (Cassandra Clare): 5 stars
  18. Lady Midnight (Cassandra Clare): 5 stars
  19. Attachments (Rainbow Rowell): 2 stars

2 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

    • I’m still surprised I managed to read 19 books !! I was reading every time i had a free time before going to work, after it and sometimes during work 😛 !! And I had 5 days off !! Besides I was in a total reading mood 🙂 !!
      I don’t know if i’ll be able to pull another big number like that this month!!

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