Never Never (1, 2, 3) by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Part 1
“Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen.
Complete strangers since this morning.
He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.”


Part 2
“Silas races against time as more truths unravel, while others twist tighter together. And now, the stakes are higher as Silas’ control slips and others begin to point fingers. Charlie is in trouble and he must be the one to bridge the chasm between their past and their present. Because somewhere between I love yous and Never Nevers and Never Agains, a truth they can’t imagine, beckons to be found.” 


Part 3
“Together, Silas Nash and Charlize Wynwood must look deeper into the past to find out who they were and who they want to be. With time ticking down, the couple are in a race to find the answers they need before they lose everything. Can they regain what they once had? And will it restore who they once were?”


Rating: 3 stars (All the novellas) 

It’s a good thing that I’ve waited till now to read the novellas all together, because I don’t think I would’ve been able to wait so long between their releases, especially after the cliffhanger in the first part.

The novellas follow the story of Silas and Charlie who have both lost their memories at the same time and they don’t know why. They can remember everything except anything related to them.

I loved the mystery surrounding the books. It was like the 2 protagonists and the readers were discovering together what’s happening in the present and what happened in the past. Writing the notes was a clever idea so that they will continue their search the day after without losing so much time.

I loved Silas so much. He’s not perfect but he’s nice, a gentleman and the list can go on. In the 3 novellas, he made sure that Charlie was okay and he didn’t give up when she was lost. He wanted from the start to make Charlie fall in love with him all over again.

On the other hand, Charlie wasn’t an easy character.If Silas wanted to remember, she didn’t since she was discovering that she was mean to people and wanted to start again. She wanted to be with Silas yet at the same time she still didn’t want to remember a thing. It’s comprehensible because of everything she went through in the past.

The first 2 novellas were good but the 3rd one wasn’t what I expected to be. It was still good but I wanted to have more and to be a little longer. Anyway I was glad I read them and I might read more Tarryn Fisher’s books in the future since it was the first time I read something by her.

 “Trust your gut. Not your heart, because it’s a people pleaser, and not your brain, because it relies too heavily on logic.” (Never Never Part 3) 


The Burrito Bowl Book Tag

Saw this tag on the blog of readerinareverie so I thought I would do it 😀 

RICE: THE FOUNDATION : “The book that got you into reading (or book blogging)”
I started reading at a young age but what really made me love reading even more was the Harry Potter series and introduced me to the fantasy genre.
 BEANS: THE FILLER – “A book with a whole lot of nothing happening”
Even though I read the first 3 books and the novellas, I have to say The Selection. Nothing mainly happened and the same thing was repeated during the whole thing.


PROTEIN: THE BUILDING BLOCK – “A book quote to live by”
“It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

FAJITAS: THE CRUNCH OF TEXTURE – “A book with immaculate worldbuilding”
This series is what made me love the world of vampires all over again. Richelle Mead has created a world well constructed from the characters, the plots, the rich development of the story from the very first book till the last one. She knew how to maintain a proper level of writing and world building to not let the reader be bored with the story.

SALSA: THE DANCE OF FLAVOUR – “A book that kept you on your toes”
Lady Midnight Cover

I finished this book in one sitting even if it was a big one. I couldn’t put it down and there’s a lot going on on the action and twists level. 

CORN: THE EXPLOSION OF SWEETNESS – “A memorable scene involving friendship/romance”


Cress and Thorne are so amazingly cute together and I loved every scene that involved them. 

CHEESE: THE BOND OF CALCIUM – “Two characters from different books you wish could be friends”

Aelin from Throne of Glass and June Iparis from Legend. 2 kick ass characters friends would be awesome. 

SOUR CREAM: THE TANGY TOPPER – “The quirkiest character you’ve ever read (protagonist or supporting)”

Lola from Lola and the boy next door 😀 

GUACAMOLE: THE COST OF CREAMINESS – “A book you paid too much for (based on utility experienced)”

I usually get paperbacks so i don’t pay a lot unless i get a big book haul

LETTUCE: THE HANDFUL OF CRISPNESS – “A refreshing concept/theme in a book”thereckonersseries

I loved the idea of having “normal people” attacking “the super heroes”. The latter are not what people think they are so the reckoners had to plan everything to beat them up.

CHIPS: LE PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE – “A must-read recommendation if you like [this book/genre—you decide!]”


Every time someone asks me “what book do you recommend to read?” I reply without hesitation The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It’s an awesome read with lots of actions, mysteries, plot twists and a little bit of romance. Anything you can ask for you can find it there. 


TABASCO: THE KICK TO THE FACE – “Your favourite fight/action sequence”

The fight between Aelin and Manon in Queen of Shadows. It was one epic fight. Can’t wait to read more scenes between them in the next two books. 


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